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Organizing at Work is a Course

Organizing at Work



Full course description

Course Description:

This online self-study course presents four topics on becoming more efficient and productive at work. Topics include: developing a system, the desk work space, the computer work space, and communications.  

The course consists of three modules:

1. Organization Strategies Overview: Establishing your Preferences and Priorities

2. E-mail Strategies: Tips for Managing E-mail and Calendaring

3. Computer Files: Creating a Workflow on your Desk, Establishing an Organization System on your Computer and Adapting the Needs of your Work to your Preferred Communication Channels


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan a system of work organization
  • Create a more efficient work flow environment on your desk
  • Establish an organized computer folder system
  • Develop an efficient communications system         


The target audience for the course is public health practitioners and students.

Contact Information: 

Contact us at for questions and accomodations.

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